Interactive Day Care (South Ayrshire Dementia Support Association)


Our approach at SADSA is to work with clients to maximise their quality of life focusing on their unique interests and abilities so we can develop their preferred program. For example through:

Our Perfect Day program which uses an approach to communication and comprehension that focuses on their individual capability needs and strengths, and changes as their dementia progresses.

Flexi Care, the perfect solution for those who; need care over the holidays, special occasions or breaks, work demands, just need an occasional day off, or provide interaction and independence for your loved one in a safe and friendly environment.

The Interactive day care does physical and mental activities including; reading and telling stories, patterns and drawing/painting, physical activity, music and rhythm, singing/creating music. In tune with living things with "pet visits". "Take me back" trips down memory lane. Nurturing "friendships" made and maintained.

Activity Information

  • Venue: Auchenday
  • Price: £49 (private, £6 contribution if referred)
  • Price Includes: Tea/coffee/snacks/3 course meal/ celebrate clients' birthday
  • Advanced Booking Required: Yes
  • Age Range: 65 and upwards, but can be earlier
  • Frequency: Closed on Xmas Day and New Year's Day
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair Friendly / Disabled Toilets / Parking
  • Transport Info: SADSA's own bus used and lcients must be accompanied by two carers at all times.
  • Joining / Referral Method: Self Referral

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