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Initiative to Assist Vulnerable and Older Adults Live Safely within the Community
What is the initiative about?
The initiative is to put measures in place to help older and vulnerable adults live safely at home and within the community without the fear of falling victim to:
• Scam and nuisance telephone calls
• Scam mail through the post or emails
• Bogus callers or rogue traders on the doorstep

Why is the initiative being carried out?
Trading Standards are often contacted about older and vulnerable adults being scammed out of their life savings by crafty telephone and mail scammers or doorstep rogue traders. These can have long lasting effects on their victim and can be an even worse experience for people living with dementia as they may struggle to describe what happened to them or recall being victimised.

What is being done about this?

To prevent the types of crimes mentioned above, Trading Standards will assist residents to put measures in place to safeguard them from mail and telephone scams or unscrupulous doorstep callers. Such measures include the installation of call blocking technology to stop scam and nuisance calls, working with Royal Mail to prevent scam mail reaching its intended victim and working with the person’s neighbours to deter rogue traders.

Can anyone benefit from this help?

In general, anyone who was targeted by a scam, bogus callers or is subjected to nuisance or scam telephone calls can contact Trading Standards for help and advice on how to protect themselves from any scams or bogus callers and rogue traders.

Others who have been diagnosed or living with dementia or any other cognitive condition can obtain help and assistance to stay safe from scams and nuisance calls as South Ayrshire Trading Standards are conducting a three year project to help protect South Ayrshire residents diagnosed with dementia or other cognitive impairments from predatory fraudsters.

How can you refer a person to Trading Standards for help?

Carers, health professionals or family members can refer a person to Trading Standards by contacting: Samantha McCluskey on 01292 616636

What information would Trading Standards need for a referral?
They will need the name, date of birth or age of the person, address, telephone number, any vulnerability or diagnosis (e.g. dementia or other cognitive impairment etc.), contact details of the carer or relative who can liaise with Trading Standards.

Activity Information

  • Venue: Trading Standards Advice and Intervention Centre
  • Price:
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  • Advanced Booking Required: No
  • Age Range: All
  • Frequency:
  • Accessibility: Wheelchair Friendly / Parking
  • Transport Info:
  • Joining / Referral Method: Family Member

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