Young Blood - The Gaiety Young Company


Tuesday 02 April

Where: The Gaiety, Carrick Street, Ayr KA7 1NU
When: Tuesday 02 April 2019 at 7:30pm

Here? You. Aye … you. Come closer. I know something. And I think it`s going to change things. Like change everything. I promised not to tell anyone but… They`ve figured it out. They`ve figure out how we can live forever. You up for it?
Stanford University. California, USA: Scientists pump the blood of young mice into old mice. The old mice get faster, stronger, healthier. The young mice are left empty, drained, used-up.
The Gaiety Theatre, South Ayrshire, Scotland: Our young company ask: – How long is it until old humans start taking our blood? The Gaiety`s Young Theatre Company and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland`s Young Company will work with, and to talk to, groups of elderly people in Glasgow and Ayrshire to create an original performance. Part theatre-show, part live-experiment, we respond to how our communities are divided by age and aim to tackle ageist stereotypes. We`ll highlight how inter-generational conversations and activity can enlighten, inform and create a more tolerant society.
Written and devised by the The Gaiety`s Young Theatre Company in collaboration with the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland`s Young Theatre Company. Directed by Robbie Gordon and Barry Henderson.

Cost: £4.00 - £8.00

Use these contact details for more information about the event.

Name: The Gaiety Box Office
Tel: 01292 288235

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